Writings on an Ethical Life

Peter Singer

Love him or hate him, you certainly can’t ignore him. For the past 20 years, Australian philosopher and professor of bioethics Peter Singer has pushed the buttons of our collective conscience. A passionate founder of the modern animal rights movement, Singer has challenged our most closely held beliefs on infanticide, euthanasia, the legal rights and moral obligations of all species, and much more, with arguments that intrigue as often and as powerfully as they incite.

Writings on an Ethical Life presents a comprehensive collection of Singer’s best and most provocative writing, as chosen by Singer himself. Among the controversial subjects addressed are animal rights, environmental accountability, abortion rights, euthanasia, and the ethics of public responsibility, providing an unsurpassed view of the underpinnings of Singer’s governing philosophy.

Reviews of Writings on an Ethical Life

    • ‘Until Peter Singer came on the scene, philosophical discussion of moral questions was limited on the whole to refined speculation about the meaning of the main moral ideas, such as goodness, duty and virtue. Almost single-handedly he took moral philosophy back to an earlier tradition of direct engagement with the world … SInger’s influence extends to the world beyond the ivory tower partly because he writes with such lucidity and quiet passion about genuinely pressing questions. He provides answers, often uncomfortable ones, and does so cogently. Disagree with him as you may, Mr Singer is a force to be reckoned with.’ The Economist
    • ‘Peter Singer is one of a rare species: the practical philosopher. His publications on animal rights, euthanasia, justifiable infanticide and ethical foreign policy have often resulted in changes in the law. Writings on an Ethical Life presents an excellent opportunity to read in collected form what in many cases are the definitive texts from which entire movements have been born.’ Sunday Herald
    • ‘Singer writes with cool lucidity, passing patiently from premise to conclusion, always nudging his readers to question their own prejudices. Daily Telegraph
    • ‘Peter Singer…has probably had a larger popular readership than any professional philosopher since Bertrand Russell, and more success in effecting changes in acceptable behaviour.’ The New England Journal of Medicine
    • ‘Peter Singer is the most influential living philosopher. We need people like him to keep us honest, make us think and help us to be better than we presently are.’ Independent