Whereu2019s My Guitar?

Bernie Marsden

A fascinating insight into the golden-age of 1970s and 80s rock and roll told through the eyes of music legend Bernie Marsden and, most notably, his role in establishing one of the world’s most famous rock bands of all time – Whitesnake.

This isn’t the story of smashing guitars on stage like The Who, or eating a live bat on stage like Ozzy Osbourne, but the story of a young boy from a small town in England who dreamt of one day playing the guitar for a living, and the many steps it took to get there.

It follows Bernie Marsden’s astonishing career in the industry – from tours in Cold War Germany and Franco’s Spain, to meeting and befriending George Harrison to touring the USA with ACDC. It’s a story of hard graft, of life on the road, of meeting and playing with your heroes, of writing iconic rock songs – most notably the multi-million selling hit ‘Here I Go Again’ – and of being in (and then leaving) one of the biggest rock bands of all time. At age 30, Bernie left the band due to major management issues, something he explores in this memoir for the very first time.

Packed with stories and encounters with the likes of George Harrison, Cozy Powell, David Coverdale, B.B. King and Zak Starkey, this is not just a remarkable look into the highs and lows of being a true rockstar, but an intimate account of the revolutionary impact rock and roll music has offered to the world.

Reviews of Whereu2019s My Guitar?

    • ‘Bernie is a warm, much loved and genuinely lovely person’ Bob Harris
    • ‘One of the iconic musicians of his generation ’Pat Cash
    • ‘Bernie is part of the legendary wave of British blues/rock players I heard that had it all … He is one of the best in every way and I am honoured to call him my friend’ Steve Lukather, Toto