Where I Was From

Joan Didion

In this moving and surprising book, Joan Didion reassesses parts of her life, her work, her history – and America’s. Where I Was From, in Didion’s words,

Reviews of Where I Was From

    • ‘Her tough, beautiful, surgically precise prose is like nothing else I’ve ever read.’ Donna Tartt
    • ‘She is a voice like no other in contemporary journalism.’ New York Times
    • ‘Everything Didion writes has a land’s end edginess to it- a hyperattentiveeye on the dramas of the human condition. She writes as someone who has come through great shudders of the earth with a fundamental understanding that everything is subject to instantaneous and complete revision.’ Village Voice
    • ‘She is the best chronicler California has.’ Vogue
    • ‘Valediction and elegy alike, WHERE I WAS FROM is a storm-tossed book… Some writers see Californians as brilliant dreamers; others see failures, seeking a second start. Didion steps over both arguments and portrays the settlers of the state as shrewd entrepreneurs who would stop at nothing to turn dirt into dollars.’ Thomas Curwen, LA Times