The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London

Christopher Skaife

For centuries, the Tower of London has been home t

Reviews of The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens at the Tower of London

    • ‘He is a born storyteller’ Evening Standard
    • ‘A born storyteller with a gift for banter honed by years in the British army, Skaife has written a book that is far from a dry monograph about the species … [it is] a beguiling, fascinating, and highly amusing account of the strangely magical birds. He is making us love them in a way that makes them more than mere symbols’ Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk, Atlantic
    • ‘A natural story teller, Skaife writes with affection and insight about these powerful, unpredictable and highly intelligent birds … a wonderfully personal account’ Guardian
    • ‘The best Christmas presents are often a little unexpected and this lovely memoir of Yeoman Warder Christopher Skaife’s experience of looking after the Tower of London ravens fits the bill. A beguiling mixture of personal experience, folklore and humour, The Ravenmaster is a charming delight’ iNews
    • ‘A strange, wise and fascinating book that takes you deep into the interwoven myth and history of the raven. At a time when we’re thinking more than ever about tradition and identity, this is a book that feels both urgent and timeless, with the Ravenmaster himself an eccentric, genial and quintessentially British narrator’ Alex Preston, author of When Kingfishers Catch Fire
    • ‘The London book of the year this year has to be The Ravenmaster, a funny and informative account of life with the royal ravens’ Evening Standard
    • ‘Balancing fascinating tidbits with macabre details (blood-soaked dog biscuits and ghostly sightings), [Skaife] titillates as he educates, rehabilitating the gloomy reputation of the raven. Skaife’s conversational style and disarming candor make this a rollicking tale fit for nearly any armchair adventurer’ Publisher’s Weekly