The New English Table

Rose Prince

Hot chestnut and honey soup, whipped potatoes with Lancashire cheese, melted ale and cheddar to eat with bread, baked haddock soup, saffron buns and watercress and radish sauce for pasta: just a few of the 200 completely delectable and original recipes in this inspiring new book.

The New English Table explores affordable and easy good food. Rose Prince unlocks a larder of new and unfamiliar English ingredients from cobnuts to red Duke of York potatoes to watercress and also shows how eating local can mean good eating at the same time as being good for the environment. She explains how and where to shop and introduces a rhythm of cooking, identifying which foods are right for everyday meals, and which are perfect for the occasional feast. She shows how to make the most of costly ingredients – traditional breeds, organic produce and handmade foods – and how to recycling leftovers for yet more delicious meals. Leftovers from a roast beef joint, for instance, become an aromatic salad with toasted green pumpkin seeds and herbs, or, simmered with fungi and red wine, a rich braise to eat with mash or buttered ribbons of pasta.

The New English Table is proof that good eating does not have to cost the earth.

Reviews of The New English Table

    • ‘An inspiring guide to rediscovering long–lost British ingredients and recipes.’ Daily Mail
    • ‘Exceptionally handsome’ Observer
    • ‘Quintessentially English and pretty, this collection is set to expand your knowledge of new ingredients and ways to use them.’ Sainsbury’s Magazine
    • ‘200 completely delectable and original recipes in this inspiring new book.’ YQ Magazine
    • ‘Rose manages to turn traditional and unfamiliar ingredients into something special – but without the angst. We love how she recycles leftovers in ingenious ways to make really good food go further. Even nervous cooks will be won over!’ SHE
    • ‘A proper kitchen book, made to spend time on the kitchen table…A book that chimes with the ‘new austerity’ ethos of buying wisely and making it last.’ Time Out