The Heartfix

Stella Grey

A message had arrived from a man in south Wales.

“Jessica, I knew the minute I saw your face that it was meant to be. Do you believe in love at first sight? I’m visited by intuition that I am the man for you. Send me a long message telling me all about yourself, and I’ll reply by tonight, and we can get this thing started.”

“You’ve sent this to the wrong person,” I replied. “I’m not Jessica. I’m afraid this is the hazard of using cut-and-paste.”

“You’re the right person,” he insisted, styling it out. “I’m just not very good with names.”

Middle aged and newly single, Stella Grey embarked on a mission – to find love online. Her journey is never dull, featuring marriage proposals, invitations to Tangier, badly timed food poisoning and much younger men – but will it be successful?

Reviews of The Heartfix

  • ‘Stella’s search for genuine romance in a virtual world takes her to situations both scary and silly, appalling and appealing. And yet, she carries on, and we’re with her all the way’ Miranda Sawyer

    ‘A Bridget Jones for the internet dating age. This book is like a bathroom gossip with your best friend – stories of terrible men and terrible sex’ Plum Sykes

    ‘Eye-opening and scary, I could not stop reading this’ Katie Fforde

    ‘Enjoyed Stella Grey’s The Heartfix. The literary equivalent of the When Harry Met Sally line: “Tell me I’ll never be out there again”’ Jojo Moyes, via Twitter

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