The End of the End of the Earth

Jonathan Franzen

Reviews of The End of the End of the Earth

    • Praise for The End of the End of the Earth:
    • ‘… by refusing to hope for the impossible, Franzen, improbably, manages to produce a volume that feels, if not hopeful, then at least not hopeless. There’s nothing he can do – there’s probably nothing any of us can do – to avert or even alleviate the coming catastrophe. But for now, he’s here and he’s alive, and over the course of these essays he offers us a series of partial, tentative answers to the question he poses himself at the beginning: “ How do we find meaning in our actions when the world seems to be coming to an end?” Guardian
    • ‘Can be read, in part, as a welcome alternative to the current, dominant American political tone of one-note belligerence’ Observer
    • ‘Franzen shows himself to be the kind of unacademic critic who recognises and does not disapprove of the Common Reader’s natural tendency to feel for the characters the author has brought into being’ Scotsman
    • Praise for Jonathan Franzen:
    • ‘A literary genius for our time’ Guardian
    • ‘Arguably America’s greatest living novelist’ Daily Telegraph
    • ‘Franzen is that rare bird: a literary novelist of the highest distinction who has also become one of the bestsellers of the age’ Evening Standard
    • ‘Franzen’s words crackle with wit humour and wisdom’ Shortlist