Philip Hoare


  • ‘Rarely have I read a book that felt as if it were speaking so directly, so confidentially to me. RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is about books and about swimming, but most of all it does what all great books do: makes you feel that it’s a private conversation between you and the author. I finished it with an obscure feeling of privilege, to have been granted such access to Hoare’s most secret, intimate self. It may not get the praise it deserves because some will feel it is covering the same territory as his earlier work. They miss the fact that this book goes further, darker and more beautifully into the deep. Considered on its own, RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is a masterpiece’ Alex Preston, Observer

    ‘A rich and strange combination of memoir, travelogue and literary biography …RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR contains much of wonder in words strewn across its pages like treasures revealed on the sand by a retreating tide’ Caspar Henderson, Financial Times

    ‘His idiosyncratic tales of mariners, adventurers and the odd dilettante rise almost to the level of poetry … he evokes the sense of majesty that a seascape can inspire in us’ Clive Davis, The Times

    ‘Wonderful…This beautifully written book is a delight’BBC Radio 4

    The themes and preoccupations are familiar from Hoare’s previous writing … but their revisiting here reveals a landscape as exhilarating different as that of the foreshore from one tide to the next’ Jane Shilling, Evening Standard

    ‘Hoare writes with a beautiful and liquid assurance, luxuriantly at home in this half-modernist, half-conventional medium and capable of astonishingly realised visions of floating moments and sea encounters’ Adam Nicholson, The Spectator

    ‘A swirling, poetic reverie in which Hoare, a hardy swimmer, both literally and figuratively, immerses himself in his topic’ Esquire