Pretty Honest

Sali Hughes

‘Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together’ Elizabeth Taylor

Think of beauty books – cue immediate images of coffee-table photographs of ludicrously beautiful models with few clothes and fewer time restraints, works inundated with ‘up-to-date’ reviews that may as well be Edwardian or holistic mumbo jumbo on how to make a face mask with molasses and some roughly hewn porridge oats.

Not anymore…

Covering everything from teenage skin to that milestone 80th birthday, botox to no-botox, celebration to grief, Sali Hughes, leading journalist and broadcaster, shows real women how to make the most of makeup’s physically and emotionally transformative powers in a work that is part instruction manual, part love letter to makeup – whilst employing a writing style that combines beauty editor, feminist and painfully funny best friend.

Reviews of Pretty Honest

  • Praise for Sali Hughes:

    ‘I really love Sali Hughes … She’s just really good and trustworthy and I’ve never had a duff recommendation from her.’ Hadley Freeman, Guardian

    ‘Oh joy! this is how we like our beauty advice – intelligent, real and stonkingly funny … She’s good, properly honest, with just enough bossy-ness in her tone to make you want to try harder and do better … Bookmark it under ‘essential reading’.’ The Women’s Room

    ‘Straight talking, super-knowledgeable and one of the most respected beauty writers around’ A Little Bird

    ‘Known for her thoughtful and witty writing style … Sali is a prolific tweeter who regularly dispenses humorous, no-nonsense style, shopping and beauty advice to her several thousand followers’