My Sister My Love

Joyce Carol Oates

‘My Sister, My Love’ is based on the controversial true-crime mystery of the JonBenet Ramsey murder. When a beautiful, ice-skating child prodigy is found brutally murdered, suspicion immediately mounts against friends, neighbours – and even the young girl’s own family. Told from the point of view of the dead girl’s brother, and in the inimitable style and gripping voice that has long been Oates’s trademark, ‘My Sister, My Love’ explores the darkest corners of the human psyche, and takes the reader into a twisted world that only the most daring and imaginative of novelists can capture.

Reviews of My Sister My Love

  • Praise for My Sister, My Love:

    ‘A searing and often extremely funny portrait of suburban upper-middle-class life…Oates’ ability to mimic the chaotic thoughts and feelings of an unwanted child is uncanny.’ Joan Smith, Sunday Times

    ‘A lavish, cynical portrait of family dysfunction in the money-and-celebrity-crazed 1990s.’ Guardian

    ‘A spirited satire of middle America.’ Guardian

    Praise for Joyce Carol Oates:

    ‘Every single Oates novel I’ve read has added to my conviction that she is a genius.’ Julie Myerson, Independent on Sunday

    ‘One of the female frontrunners for the title of Great American Novelist.’ Maggie Gee, Sunday Times

    ‘A writer of extraordinary strengths…she has dealt consistently with what is probably the great American theme – the quest for the creation of self…Her great subject, naturally, is love.’ Ian Sansom, Guardian

    ‘Another step in Oates’s progress towards the title of Great American Novelist.’ Independent

    ‘Her prose is peerless and her ability to make you think as she re-invents genres is unique. Few writers move so effortlessly from the gothic tale to the psychological thriller to the epic family saga to the lyrical novella. Even fewer authors can so compellingly and entertainingly tell a story.’ Jackie McGlone, Scotland on Sunday

    ‘Novelists such as John Updike, Philip Roth, Tom Wolfe and Norman Mailer slug it out for the title of the Great American Novelist. But maybe they’re wrong. Maybe, just maybe, the Great American Novelist is a woman.’ Herald

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