Malik Sajad

Reviews of Munnu

  • ‘A remarkable and important graphic novel … It is testimony to the skill of this debut work – penned by a 25-year-old – that, while Munnu seems uncritical of these characters, we see their ugly side’ Independent

    ‘A dense, intense and arresting read that will tear your heart apart and have you sweating with vicarious fear. Those who already relished Marjane Satrapi’s PERSEPOLIS, Belle Yang’s FORGET SORROW or Kunwu & Otie’s A CHINESE LIFE are going to love this. I’m thinking particularly PERSEPOLIS, for this too centres on the strength, reliance and resourcefulness of a family in the wake of oppression … There’s so much about life in Kashmir which I didn’t understand. Since the terrifying nuclear brinksmanship in 1999 which I remember so well, it’s rather fallen from our news cycles, hasn’t it? This great graphic novel, I am convinced, will bring it back to the forefront of our attention’ Page 45

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