Monty Python Speaks!

David Morgan

“Gilliam is one of the most manipulative bastards in that group of manipulative bastards. Michael is a selfish bastard, Cleese a control freak, Jonesy is shagged out and now forgets everything, and Graham as you know is still dead. I am the only real nice one!” Eric Idle

From the Dead Parrot sketch to The Holy Grail, from Spam to Conquistador Instant Leprosy, from the Judean People’s Front to the People’s Front of Judea, these are the some of the biggest cults of the last thirty years (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more).

Last year David Morgan extensively interviewed the group and those around them – including Douglas Adams and Graham Chapman’s partner, David Sherlock – to create the ultimate record of Britain’s most revolutionary and successful comedy act. Packed with rare and never-before-seen photographs, and told with all the group’s customary wit and irreverence (and spam), this is the inside story of a comedy phenomenon.

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