Master it

Rory O’Connell

In the space of two generations we have moved from most meals being home-cooked by one person to a society where many people rarely cook, don’t have the necessary skills and eat a lot of ready-made products. We now know a lot about food but much less about cooking.

This book, by the co-founder of the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School, aims to change that by putting the cooking back into food. Distilling his 30 years of teaching experience into its pages, Rory O’Connell offers you a personal cookery lesson in everything from soup to ice cream. Each chapter concentrates on a particular basic skill and includes a set of seasonal recipes to practise it year round. For example the chapter on grilled beef will teach you how to make the basic recipe with salt and pepper then how to adapt it by adding herb relish, salsa verde or Sichuan dipping sauce.

With tips on why you should measure your ingredients, not just ‘chuck’ them in, on avoiding waste, and on storing food and drink, Master It will teach you not only the techniques but also the confidence to cook great meals with passion, joy and success.

Reviews of Master it

    • ‘If you pursue O’Connell’s chatty pages on grilled sea bass or casserole-roast chicken with watercress, the result should be a small masterpiece.’ Independent, Books of the Year
    • ‘Rory O’Connell, a dedicated teacher and inspiring chef, offers all the basic knowledge you need to cook with ease, to perfection and ethically, while guiding you through a repertoire of entirely delicious, eclectic, aromatic, enchanting recipes.’ Claudia Roden
    • ‘Rory O’Connell cooks like an angel – with this book, you can too.’ Thomasina Miers
    • ‘Rory’s cooking is thoughtful, heartfelt and generous. His knowledge is immense and his attention to detail second to none. To sit at Rory’s table is pure joy. I don’t know if everybody has a favourite cook but I know I do. Mine is Rory O’Connell!’ Skye Gyngell
    • ‘As you read “Master It” you hear Rory’s warm, patient voice guiding you through the basics. I loved learning to cook from Rory, and with this book everyone can experience his incredible wisdom in the kitchen.’ Stevie Parle
    • ‘O’Connell offers an elegant template to an understanding of good food. A grounding in everything you need to know, effortlessly explained. The man is revered by Claudia Roden – need we say more?’ Observer Food Monthly, ‘Food Books of the Year’

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