Epitaph for the Ash

Lisa Samson

Reviews of Epitaph for the Ash

  • ‘Fascinating … Her pilgrimage to discover the present state of the ash in the UK, and the work that is being done to accommodate or counter ash dieback, is both a labour of love and an extraordinary achievement, especially given the heart-rending physical limitations Samson eventually endures as a result of life-saving surgery’ OBSERVER

    ‘Everywhere Lisa’s powerful affinity with the natural world is palpable… Samson is right to urge appreciation of what we have; her book will also help raise awareness of the need to protect our invaluable natural heritage for future generations’ Literary Review

    ‘Lisa Samson’s … quest to travel the length and breadth of the land takes us on a leafy green jewel of a journey into a kingdom that will change the way you look at the ash tribe forever’ BBC Wildlife