House of Beauty

Melba Escobar

Welcome to House of Beauty.

Karen will be taking care of you today.

Relax. Turn off your phone. Whatever you tell Karen will stay in this cubicle. She’ll listen to you. She listens to all the women she sees here.

Perhaps she’ll talk about her own life. Why is she so desperate for money? What is she so afraid of? And what does she know about Sabrina Gusman, the teenager who has been found dead?

Can you keep a secret?

Reviews of House of Beauty

    • ‘We thought we were bored of thrillers, but then we found House of Beauty … as gasp-inducing as a hot wax’ Glamour
    • ‘House of Beauty offers a unique glimpse into modern-day Colombia and an intriguing mystery around issues of gender, class, and race, where a woman’s worth is too often tied to her beauty, yet her beauty too often gets her in trouble. It’s a pleasure to see a story told through the lens of two very different heroines, rare in crime fiction. And, in these times, this novel is also a much-needed critique of everyday misogyny and corruption’ Winnie M Li, author of Dark Chapter
    • ‘Fantastic. I read it faster than it takes to have a mani-pedi and a massage and was moved, shocked and transported’ Rachel Edwards, author of Darling