House of Beauty

House of Beauty

Melba Escobar

Karen moves to Bogotá in search of a better life, and she soon finds a job at a high-end salon called ‘House of Beauty’. Like any well trained beautician, Karen knows that there is more to her role than the beauty treatments she performs. The beauty salon is a sanctuary, an exclusively female space set apart from the world outside, and when her clients want to talk – to reveal their secrets, desires, and fears – she listens. So when one of them is found dead – a teenage girl she had treated only that afternoon – the police have some questions for Karen.

Narrated by Claire, a bourgeois woman with a fixation on Karen, House of Beauty is a complex, compelling, excoriating novel – an edge-of-your-seat literary thriller about misogyny, injustice and inequality in a country where truth belongs only to those who can pay for it.

Reviews of House of Beauty

    • ‘We thought we were bored of thrillers, but then we found House of Beauty … as gasp-inducing as a hot wax’ Glamour
    • ‘House of Beauty offers a unique glimpse into modern-day Colombia and an intriguing mystery around issues of gender, class, and race, where a woman’s worth is too often tied to her beauty, yet her beauty too often gets her in trouble. It’s a pleasure to see a story told through the lens of two very different heroines, rare in crime fiction. And, in these times, this novel is also a much-needed critique of everyday misogyny and corruption’ Winnie M Li, author of Dark Chapter
    • ‘Fantastic. I read it faster than it takes to have a mani-pedi and a massage and was moved, shocked and transported’ Rachel Edwards, author of Darling