Hello America

Hello America

J. G. Ballard

Following the energy crisis of the late twentieth-century America has been abandoned. Now, a century later, a small group of European explorers returns to the deserted continent. But America is unrecognisable – the Bering Strait has been dammed and the whole continent has become a desert, populated by isolated natives and the bizarre remnants of a disintegrated culture. The expedition sets off from Manhattan on a cross-continent journey, through Holiday Inns and abandoned theme parks, to uncover a shocking new power in the heart of Las Vegas.

Reviews of Hello America

    • ‘Mordant and inventive, Ballard at his best’ New Statesman
    • ‘It is futile to have expectations of Ballard: he will inevitably subvert them. All we know for certain is that the novels he will write could not be written, could not even be guessed at, by anyone else’ Martin Amis, Observer
    • ‘Enter Mr Ballard’s worlds and you become entranced in a séance difficult to break out of, so powerful is his method’ The Times
    • ‘This is a very clever fiction, and – yes – another amazing improvisation on Ballard’s basic theme’ Guardian

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