Code Sixty-One

Donald Harstad

‘It’s morning. Deputy Sheriff Carl Houseman is not due on shift for several hours. The phone rings: a woman is dead, suspected suicide. The dispatcher can’t reveal the details; it’s a Code 61. Something serious has happened over at the Mansion and he’s not allowed to ask too many questions over the radio.

Reviews of Code Sixty-One

    • ‘Harstad is a retired Iowa cop, and his books have a powerful seal of authenticity.’ Guardian
    • ‘The endearingly wry first-person narration is splendidly handled; and the characterisation is very good.’ Colin Dexter
    • ‘Harstad evokes small-town America wonderfully and his decent, honest hero is beautifully drawn.’ Irish Independent
    • ‘Harstad’s books are terrific and really capture the atmosphere of small-town America, where the 20th-century almost seems to have slipped by unnoticed.’ Independent on Sunday
    • ‘Brilliant. Harstad knows his stuff, sifting the evidence with enlightening attention to detail.’ FHM
    • ‘Harstad’s first-hand experience ensures his storytelling always rings true.’ Arena

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