Cocaine Nights

Cocaine Nights

James Lever and J. G. Ballard

Charles Prentice has come to Spain to investigate his brother’s involvement in the deaths of five people in a fire. But he gradually discovers that beneath the glossy veneer of the upmarket coastal resort Estrella de Mar, an exclusive enclave for Britain’s retired rich, there flourishes a secret world of crime, drugs and illicit sex. What starts as an engrossing mystery develops into a mesmerising novel of ideas – a dazzling work of the imagination from one of Britain’s most original and controversial novelists – author of ‘Super-Cannes’ and ‘Millennium People’.

Reviews of Cocaine Nights

    • ‘Utterly compulsive’ Sunday Telegraph
    • ‘Snort up “Cocaine Nights”. It’s disorientating, deranging and knocks the work of other avant-garde writers into a hatted cock’ Will Self
    • ‘The possessor of a terrifying and exhilarating imagination – and a national treasure’ Guardian
    • ‘Guaranteed to keep you reading into the early hours’ Sunday Times
    • ‘Thrillingly wired … dazzlingly original’ Independent
    • ‘The terrifying thing about Ballard is his logic; is this science fiction or history written ahead of its time?’ Len Deighton

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