Children of the Master

Andrew Marr

The Labour Party has unexpectedly won a narrow majority in the 2018 general election. But the new government is weak and divided, its unpopular leader embattled in the House of Commons. A group of eminent figures from the party’s past see an opportunity to re-establish their grip over its future by replacing the prime minister with a figurehead they can manipulate to their own ends. But who will they choose?

Two possible candidates emerge from the recent intake of MPs: David Petrie, a self-made Scot with a working-class background and a troubled personal history; and Caroline Phillips, a high-flying Londoner whose complicated private life could be either her greatest handicap, or her greatest asset.

Against a backdrop of intrigue and betrayal at the Palace of Westminster, both must struggle with the sacrifices and compromises they will have to make if they are to seize the greatest political prize of all.

In his second novel, Andrew Marr draws on his unrivalled inside knowledge of British politics to expose the foibles, duplicities and absurdities of those we elect to govern us.

Reviews of Children of the Master

  • ‘The novel has uncanny echoes of the current political drama in Westminster … Marr has drawn on his many years as BBC political editor and as one of the nation’s favourite political interrogators to produce a racy page-turner. I loved it’ Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail

    ‘Benefits from an entertaining and fluent style as well as the sort of mastery of Machiavellian political machination that one would expect of someone from [Marr’s] background… Marr successfully blends fact with fiction freely to create a convincing political landscape that will be instantly recognisable to those with even the most cursory interest in current affairs… Amid the intrigue there are some excellent jokes and the plot bounces along merrily’ Scotsman

    ‘Marr dissects Westminster’s Machiavellian machinations with his customary gusto … Compelling reading’ Daily Mail