Blood Relatives

Stevan Alcock

Reviews of Blood Relatives

    • ‘Refreshing, even radical … Blood Relatives could never be accused of being dull … the novel’s most eye-catching aspect is its language. Alcock captures not only the voice of his intelligent, happy-go-lucky protagonist, but also the heft and current of his local tongue’ Guardian
    • ‘A challenging and fresh novel’ Daily Mail
    • ‘An audacious and unpredictable novel, BLOOD RELATIVES is gutsy, gritty and gripping’ Shortlist
    • ‘BLOOD RELATIVES is full of daring, authenticity and wit. It is a work of brutal, hilarious poetry whose portrait of a working-class England that is by turns bankrupt and picaresque … It’s hard to believe that Stevan Alcock’s is a new voice, so confidently does it speak: what it says is original, funny, sometimes shocking, and true’ Rachel Cusk
    • ‘A thrilling book, funny, poignant, dramatic, humane and fresh. Set during the time of the Ripper murders in Yorkshire, Alcock has written a debut novel of stunning narrative control and authenticity. Stevan Alcock is a wonderful find.’ Alexander Masters, author of ‘Stuart: A Life Backwards’
    • ‘BLOOD RELATIVES is an unforgettable portrait of growing up in the late seventies, of living through the terror of the Yorkshire Ripper’s murders and of trying to survive a family. This is great writing with fine, subtle and beautiful observations of character . You will be hooked by this terrific new voice’ David Vann, author of ‘Legend of a Suicide’, ‘Dirt’ and ‘Goat Mountain’
    • ‘Written in a vibrant, colloquial tongue, BLOOD RELATIVES airs its secrets against a wider socio-political landscape of late 1970s Britain, where punk, gay liberation, the National Front and Thatcherism all play their part. Alcock’s debut novel strikes both a brutal and brutally funny note’ Wing magazine
    • ‘A fresh and funny coming-of-age novel’ Big Issue