Bad Blood (4th Estate Matchbook Classics)

Lorna Sage

Hailed as classic from its first publication,Bad Blood is one of the most extraordinary memoirs ever written.

Lorna Sage’s early childhood was dominated by her brilliant, bitter grandfather – a drinking, womanising vicar, exiled to a parish in rural Wales. When the war ended and she left the gothic eccentricity of his vicarage for her parents’ stark new council house, she soon discovered that real family life was marked by secrets and disappointments of its own. Longing to escape, Lorna swore she would never settle down until she fell pregnant at sixteen. Capturing a vanished place and time and illuminating the lives of three generations of women, Bad Blood is a stunning story of survival.

Reviews of Bad Blood (4th Estate Matchbook Classics)

    • ‘Bad Blood is pretty much in a class of its own… It is a measure of her achievement that she can turn the peculiarities of her own past – and they are peculiar – into a narrative that speaks for the whole of post-war Britian… This is not just an exquisite personal memoir, it is a vital piece of our collective past.’Daily Telegraph
    • ‘A wonderful book. Women need this kind of book but perhaps men need it more, to give the sort of understanding which we still lack of how girls actually grow up.’Margaret Forster
    • ‘[a] rich, justly acclaimed autobiography … this almost perfect memoir is a tribute to imperfection’ Independent
    • ‘an almost unbearably eloquent memoir … ‘Bad Blood’ is also a tale of shared consciousness, and although the lives Sage describes clash with and limit her own, there is much that is redemptive here, and even elegiac’ Frances Wilson, Guardian
    • ‘This could have been the saddest book you have ever read, but because of Lorna Sage’s relish in the details, her exuberant celebration of the vitality of this clever, surviving girl, it is as enjoyable a book as I remember reading.’ Doris Lessing