Nigel Slater

Inspiring, irresistible, ‘Appetite’ takes 100 classic dishes and then throws caution to the wind. With its unpretentious and simple food ideas, such as a cheap spaghetti supper or a spicy curry to make you sweat, it is the anti-recipe book. Offering suggestions and tips, it encourages readers to use their own judgement, giving you the confidence to experiment in the kitchen.

Deliciously colourful and witty ‘Appetite’ puts the fun back into food and gets cooks thinking more instinctively, taking jaded food lovers back to the fundamental question: what do you want to eat today?

Reviews of Appetite

    • ‘He’s a genius, his food is scrummy and his voice more personal than usual.’ Guardian
    • ‘Slater remains the reigning champion…‘Appetite’ is an instant classic. It’s comprehensive, inspirational and beautiful to look at.’ Daily Express
    • ‘The total and utter must-have of the year.’ Rosie Kindersley
    • Praise for ‘Eat’:
    • ‘Nothing was ever going to come close to Nigel Slater’s “Eat”. An instant classic’ Cookbook of the Year, The Times
    • ‘This year’s smallest yet fullest cookbook is from Nigel Slater … ‘Eat’ reminds us that he remains the UK cookery writer who breaks new ground as regularly as a mole.’ Rose Prince, Daily Telegraph, ‘Books of the Year’
    • ‘There’s nobody better than Nigel Slater at making cooking seem a relaxed, modest and wholly enjoyable affair … This chunky, easy-going book continues that approach in 400-plus pages which never run out of inspiration’ Daily Mail