A Game of Spies

John Altman

It is February 1940, and England is desperate to find out when and how Hitler will make his move west toward France. Eva Bernhardt, a young sleeper agent in Berlin who has been seduced into spying by a roguish MI6 agent, receives a vital piece of information and makes a run for it. But the Germans are on to her fast – too fast. In a lethal game of ruse and counter-ruse, the British and Germans engage in an intelligence war. Uncertain whom to trust, Eva must take her future into her own hands – and with it, perhaps, the future of the entire war.

A book to devour at one sitting, with dazzling set pieces, unpredictable twists and unforgettable characters.

Reviews of A Game of Spies

    • Praise for ‘A Gathering of Spies’:
    • ‘A ripping read, a book to devour at one sitting.’ Alan Hill, Daily Telegraph
    • ‘An exceptional page turner.’ Bookseller
    • ‘A sizzling zinger of a classic spy story, full of action, suspense and wheels within wheels. With his lean, taut style, Altman doesn’t waste a word. Wow!’ Stephen Coonts
    • ‘A pulse-pounding debut thriller.’ Glamour

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