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  • The Wait Is Over! Alan Garner rounds off his Weirdstone of Brisingamen trilogy

    • Aug 24, 2012 • Tags: ,

    By Ankita Saxena.

    Concluding the trilogy which began over half a century ago in The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, the multi-award winning fantasy author Alan Garner returns with Boneland, the crowning achievement of an astonishing career. Out on the 30th August, it certainly promises to be worth the wait.

    Immerse yourself once again this mysterious and magical world as Professor Colin Whisterfield, the Watcher and the Therapist battle against time and memory, searching for lost Susan in the Pleiades and the woman responsible for keeping the sky above the Earth and the stars flying.

    The Guardian says that Garner ‘has never been just a children’s writer: he’s far richer, odder and deeper than that,’ and Sarah Kingsford from the Express says: ‘This is a novel for all the children who loved The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, but who have now grown up.’ Philip Pullman’s verdict? Garner is simply ‘better than Tolkien’.

    So whether you remember the days of the caves of Fundindelve and the Eve of Gomrath, or whether you simply want to read a stunning masterpiece by the man who influenced many modern fantasy writers, pre-order Boneland today so you don’t miss out.

    Colin stood. ‘Young man. Do not go into the witch’s house. Do not. And whatever you do, do not go upstairs. You must not go upstairs. Do not go! You are not to go!’

    Click here to link to The Guardian’s August reading group featuring Alan Garner, which revisits the first two books.


  • 5th Estate No Longer Exists

    • Aug 20, 2012 •

    For news and features from the innovative and eclectic literary imprint 4th Estate, publishers of the Booker Prize-winning Wolf Hall, please click here.

    If you are currently reading Marcus Du Sautoy’s The Number Mysteries, a book described by Alan Davies as ‘mind-bending, fascinating and useful too’, and would like to access the supporting materials referenced in it, please click here.

  • Marcus Du Sautoy's The Num8er My5teries

    Marcus Du Sautoy
    • Aug 20, 2012 •

    These are the players needed for the Prime Number Fantasy Football Game, in which players use one of Plato’s balls, and a dice to try and make it past three of the opponent’s team members. See page 5 for more details.

    This is the board for playing the ‘cicada v predator’ game, where you can learn the mathematic reasons behind the extraordinary pattern of the North American cicadas’ life cycle.  See pages 8-11 for more details.

    These are the cicadas and predators needed for the ‘cicada v predator’ multiplication tables game. See pages 9-11 for more details.

    This is the ‘Prime Hopscotch’ Game board, in which two people can battle against each other to reach the higher prime number, until there are no more primes within reach. See pages 37-41 for more details.

    This is the template for making Plato’s dodecahedron shaped football, made up of 12 pentagonal faces. See pages 65-66 for more details.

    This is the template for making Plato’s most spherical football, the icosahedrons, made up of 20 equilateral triangles. See pages 65-66 for more details.

    This is the template for making Plato’s tetrahedron football, made up of four equilateral triangles. See pages 64-66 for more details.

    These are templates for making Plato’s cube football, and octahedron football. See pages 64-66 for more details.

    This is the template needed for making the Rock, Paper, Scissors dice. See pages 124-125 for more details.

    This contains the nine pieces of cake and two cake stands needed to play the two player game, in which the players try and fill their cake stand with exactly three pieces of cake.  See pages 156-158 for more details.

    This contains the 5 regiments of soldiers needed to play Euler’s Sudoku type puzzle, in which you have to try and arrange the soldiers in a 5*5 square. See pages 161-162 for more details.

    Use these cipher wheels to create simple Caesar Shift codes. See page 182 for more details.

    This is the PDF instruction sheet for making your own enigma machine. See page 193 for more details.

    This sheet will show you how to make your own boomerang. See page 256 for more details.

    This contains the ten fish and fish tank needed to play the ‘Fishy Formula’ game, in which you can use Mathematic formulas to determine how many fish survive in a fish tank, over a period of ten years. See pages 276-279 for more details.

    This is a board for the game ‘Snakes and Ladders’, made up of 100 hexagons instead of squares.